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Monday, October 4, 2010

Today was the first day back at school and it's just already like fml! but on a much better note I had a wonderful two weeks off! The first week we spent camping with friends but it rained the first few days which kind of sucked as we just wanted to get out in the surf and tan on the beach. But after keeping our fingers crossed the sun finally came out for the few last days, just in time to get a tan and get rid of our sock tans! But even without the sun it was a lot of fun, chilling by the fire at night and playing cards and all that usual camping stuff. We also went shopping at the best op shops I have ever seen, no joke, I got a rubbish bag full of really good clothes for twenty bucks and we also found some funny old fashioned clothes and wore them around the campsite which was a lot of fun. Then sadly we had to come back to Brisbane were we just chilled and went to the city and wynnum and the usual and on the last day we went shopping and I found like all these fashion items I have been looking for for ages so of course I had to spend two hundred dollars of the money I'm saving to get an iPhone on these items. But it was so worth it, ill post some photos of what I got. Then last night I was like now I have no money so I applied for a job at c-hill maccas so hopefully I get an interview but my friend rachy p is applying at Wendy's like the ice cream shop, so I'm thinking ill apply there too so we can be Wendy's babess together! Basically it's just been a really good couple of weeks and hopefully school wont ruin it! Oh and sorry for not blogging for forever it has also been an extremely busy couple of weeks.

Sorry the photos are dodge but thats pretty much exactly what I got except I got a creamy coloured skirt instead of black and the green jacket I got was a little different but the same idea! Have a good night, a photo blog is coming soonly.

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