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Monday, October 11, 2010

hot cup of milo

This afternoon on the bus home from school, I was telling my amazing friend Julia Wyatt about how I was going to have a hot milo when I got home and as the weather is cold and rainy it's perfect for a steamy hot cup of milo. So here I am enjoy my milo which to me is like heaven because my family never gets it because it never lasts very long in our house. Like when me and my sister were little we would walk home from our school in Tasmania and if no parents were home we would eat milo out of the tin with a spoon for afternoon tea. Anyway, I promised Julia I would say something special for her, and as I think everyone that knows her well knows what an amazing girl she is, so no need for me to say it again, but I will tell you to have a look at her blog because it is really good.
I just had a look at hers and she has the most adorable photos of her and her boyf lewis! cutest couple. Anyway, make sure you have a looksie at the link above! And sorry the photos arent the best I need to find some more!

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