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Friday, October 15, 2010

day 6 - 30 interesting facts about myself

Well I don't know how interesting these will be but here we go.
1. My name is Madison Lisa Hinds
2. My birthday is the third day of the third month
3. I lived in Tasmania until I was 10
4. I have lived in 8 houses and been to 4 different schools
5. My favorite sport is swimming
6. My favorite colour is purple
7. My fav flavour of ice cream is chocolate
8. My lucky number is 8
9. I have a beautiful best friend
10.My favorite place to go is the beach
11. I have a sister called Bethany who is 17 and has really curly hair
12. I love horror movies
13. I am afraid of bee's because I got one stuck in my hair once
14. I completely broke both bones in my left arm in half when I was nine because I stepped backwards off a trampoline and I still have two bumps from where they healed
15. I have a scar on my left eyebrow because I feel off a bed and hit my head on the bed next to it when I was three
16. I hate tomatoes, yuck
17. I have a dog named Jaffa, like the chocolates
18. I take really really long showers and it's a bad habit
19. I have never been out of Australia but I really want to travel the world
20. I love drawing and design
21. I had a mouse that used to squeak if you gave it coco pops but sadly it died
22. I can't whisper quietly
23. My favorite TV shows are Gossip Girl, United States of Tara and Flash Forward
24. I can move this tendon thing that goes over your knuckle on a few fingers on my left hand, no one else I know can do it
25. I am related to George Bernard Shaw who won a Nobel prize a long long time ago
26. I can't stand humidity and in summer I rarely turn my air con off
27. I used to do Jujitsu which is a form of martial arts and I'll probably start doing it again once I finish school
28. I have been skiing before and to the snow quite a lot of times in Tasmania
29. I have ridden a camel before
30. I know the movie Anastasia almost off by heart because I watched it so many times when I was little

Hopefully this entertained someone for a little bit. Have a great night.

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