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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

day 4 - views on religion

I don't believe in a God or any religion, not because it's weird or anything, it's just never been apart of my life. I think it's great people can believe in God though, like they have something to believe in and something to give you hope and just something special to be apart of. I think that most people who believe in God have parents that do or have people around them that do and so just with other things in your life when people around you all do something, you usually do it too. It annoys me though how extreme some religions are and that you seem to have to give up so much for God. Also it seems that they are more cynical of people that don't believe in God than we are of them, which to me is really stupid because I really don't think people who don't believe in a God are that judgemental of people that do. I mean maybe I'm wrong about all of this because I really don't know much about religion but this is just the idea I seem to have of it. So I don't think religion is bad at all, just some ideas in it are a bit crazy and I just don't understand or can't believe in it. But there are some sick pictures with the cross in it wooowowoowowwwwwwwww.

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