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Friday, November 5, 2010

look at yourself

Drake - I'm Ready For You (Full) by rthur91

Do you like what you see? Are you happy with who you are becoming? What do people think? What do your friends think? People you don't know think? Almost everything in life is about people looking at you and judging you and that's just it. And regardless of how people saying I don't care what people think, they do. Truth is everyone does. So think about that. Think about how people see you. And who you are becoming. And what people think. And what you friends think. And what people you don't know think. Every single person you will ever meet will judge you, and you will always care what anyone thinks because it's human to care. It's scary but it's true and that's why it is so important to always be yourself and always respect yourself and always be mindful of how people perceive you. Because one stupid action, one wrong word, one harsh look, one honest fight, one second, and a persons judgement changes.

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