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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Laidback Luke Vs. The Bloody Beatroots - Heartbreaking Warp (Dj Plur Bootleg) by Dj-Plur

So this was just meant to be to show Ella a photo of this leotard that I have which is exactly the same as the one below but I thought I may as well do a little cute post about her! So here you go isabella hope you like it!
Her name is Ella but I call her Isabella.
Shes a cuutayyy with a bootayy
Im jealous of her bod and hair and skin and everything!
She is one of the funniest people I know
She gets owned by primary's, I know it's embarrising
She's one of a kind
She is one of the most caring and honest and amazing people I know
She has good taste in boys and fashion
She is extreamly talented at art and should never stop doing it
She will marry the hottest guy because I don't think she could handle someone who wasn't amazing
She always knows how to make you feel better and is always there for a good old chat
Everything is ten times more fun with her around
I'm proud to say she's one of my closest friends
I love you!


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