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Friday, September 10, 2010

webecca wayne

You and me are like Blair and Serina on Gossip Girl they are both the biggest bitches to eachother but the very best of friends. We have the craziest friendship and we have all these random connections (your grandpa HAHAA) but i love it! I love how we are both born in the same hospital and only met in grade eight in Mrs Hine's English class, were we bonded over tasmania. I love how you are the fucking funniest person I have ever met, no joke, you top the list if there was one. We have had so many amazingly good times, one of my favorites was when you said, that silence wasnt even ackward, and the push maddie in a bush week, and having chips near your house, and the first time you had a mccflurry and tame the lion thing, and man i could literally go on forever here.... I love how you are so sweet and caring towards me, like when you lost my earing and apologized a billioonn times and when you had a tear in your eye when we hugged after fighting and all the little things you do daily to make me feel happy. You are insanely pretty, you have the best hair, you got a hawtt little bod and you have pretty big eyes that eyeee love! When you grow up, you will be living with me and jessie and jayyp in a house with a ciwawa called bitch and youll be dating a cutie who name will have to start with a J (hehe) You are one of my favorite people in this world, i'm sorry i dont make it seem like it, hope this shows you how much you mean to me. I wuvv wuuu webeccaa walice waynee (;

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