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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rachhyy peeeee!
You always make me so happy and make me laugh a lot
I love your company and just being around you
You are so unique and different to everyone else out there which makes you one of a kind
You actually listen to what I have to say, which means a lot, thankyou 
You have always been there for me through absolutely everything
You are one of my closests friends
You are so beautiful and you have amazing hair, and the best bod!
You are a very talented singer, I AM SO JEALOUS!
You have the scariest fucking dog ever, but I love him
I love how you are sewwww indiee! but seriously, its thaaa best
We have had so many wonderful memories and i'm looking forward to the million more to come
But most of all, I simply just love you.

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